Thursday, January 2, 2014

Elf on the Shelf - Garland's last weeks

Garland has gone back the north pole and the kids were pretty sad about that. Let's see what he was up to before he headed back, shall we?!

Just hanging out on the mantle with a note to be good
Hung out in the tree
Made snow angels in the flour we used to make cookies
Got thirsty and drank some syrup
Got tired and took a nap in the Kleenex box
Lifted weights on the tv stand
Was a bit cold so put on some gloves in the tree
Made some new friends and read them a book
Had to go to the elf hospital since Charlie touched him

His last day with us, Christmas Eve, he left a treat and a gift for the kids!

I am excited for Garland to come back in December!


  1. Awww fun! I was totally anti elf on the shelf and then decided to do it this year and Evie had a blast with it! Choo Choo didn't do anything except change places every night but she LOVED looking for him! She was sad went he went home!

    1. Our kids were sad too and still ask for Garland daily!