Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting in the groove of 2014

2014 is in full swing, already a week into the new year!

What we have been up to:
*I made a meal plan for 2 months, shopping lists and our to-do list for projects around the house. I still need to make a plan for organizing our closet better in the hallway and our kitchen cabinets.
*I figured out the kids fall preschool schedule but was a bit bummed when it came to transportation help.
*Dom has his first basketball game this Saturday, he is so excited!
*Trying to plan Dom's birthday party. Trying to decide on spending a few hundred dollars bowling or having 2 parties here that are laid back.
*Fixed our 5 year plan (which we were a year into but it is still only 4 more years) for the better. Now we are trying to decide on building on here in 3 years or buying new in 4 years. (why can't these decisions just be easy?!)
*All of last year I had a case of the sadness, loneliness, helplessness and feelings of why things have to be so hard for our family all the time. This year I am trying to be completely positive about everything. (I am sure there will be days where positivity is just not there) Seeing things on paper helps, hence my complete life of spreadsheets and organization, keeps me in tune with everything.
*Gary and I like to give back. We have been not living up to our potential in that area in the last few years, aside from donating $, toys etc. It was something about having 2 more kids, buying a house and remodeling the heck out of it, Gary taking on 2 new positions in his company...that kept us from having the energy and drive to give back to those we adore. He came up with the idea of having some of our friends drop their kids off here and letting them go on a date night with their spouse! And so we are doing just that.
*I purchased the first few prizes for my sister's wedding shower. This weekend we are doing some of the planning. This is getting very real!
*We have planned a week off in March to finish our bathroom remodel & finish Charlie's big girl room.
*We planned our vacation and will be booking the hotels soonish. We are going to a new beach again in New Jersey. Drive out early Monday morning and stay there till Friday morning. Drive to Sesame Place Friday and go there Fri/Sat. Drive home Saturday afternoon/evening. The kids are so excited. Charlie is a true beach babe and asks constantly to go to the beach. Her and Logan also ask if we are going to see Elmo again a lot!
*We organized, donated a ton of toys and re-did both kids rooms, including closets. They are spotless and it is wonderful. Now I wish my kids liked organization and cleanliness as much as Gary and I do!

We have been busy in the first few days of 2014! 


  1. I LOVE, LOVE the joint babysitting efforts and hope to be taking full advantage of that opportunity. And of course it will be our turn to help you guys out one night, after the newborn craziness dies down a bit. Think of how many dates we could go on if we all did it?!

    I am glad you are not going to do Sesame in one day, because that was just crazy town last year...ha.

    Good luck to Dom as he starts basketball!!!

    1. Sesame in one day was way CRAZY, lol.

      Yes, lots of dates to be had if everyone did it. I didn't really think of that :) It was all Gary's idea. We offer to babysit anytime but we know people never like to ask (which is how we are too) so we figured if we set it up then it would be easier to say yes to!

  2. I can't wait to cheer on Dom and Jason on Saturday at their first game! I probably won't make it to all of them, (getting up at 630 and driving an hour to get there is hard all the time!) but I can't wait to see their first one!

  3. I am trying to be more organized this year also. I need to be. I feel like I have been all over the place over the last year so I need to feel normal again. Lists and organization are key to helping me!

  4. I know 2014 is your year! You seem to be on the perfect start!!!

  5. It's really hard to believe January is almost over. Time is flying!!!

  6. Hi Tracy!! Happy 2014, I have been so slack with blogging for months now but I am getting back into a routine again and wanted to pop over to say hi! Looks like a busy and fun year is planned already, your vacation will be something to look forward to :) I love how you and Gary like to give back, how very thoughtful of you both!! Happy 12th Birthday to your big boy, they grow up way too fast!! Good luck with doing up Charlie's big girl room and good luck with everything else you guys have on your 'to do' list :) Have a great week!!