Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hey, remember me?

Oh hi! My name is Tracy. I used to be a pretty avid blogger for a few years, taking a few breaks in between. However, it has been a month since I have found anything interesting or enough time to think through an entire post.

There is always a fine line between keeping things together and having everything fall apart. I am sure everyone struggles with this line. And if you are one that has it all together, more power to you. Please do not rub it in my face, m'kay?! I am keeping everything together. Finding time for the extra things I want to do has been given up for a few more minutes of sleep since my kids have been less than cooperative in this area. I do read everyone's posts and I comment when I read from the computer but when I read in bed from my phone then I don't.

So here is one huge catch up post on what has been going on since Dominic's 12th birthday....

* Dom has had multiple visits with dentists about his teeth. He has an appointment next week with an oral surgeon. He will be getting his 4 i teeth pulled. This is his first step in his orthodontic experience.
* Gary and I watched 10 of our friend's kids so they could go on a date night. Then they all came over here to hang out for a bit. Some families stayed until almost 2 am! It was a great night. The older kids played video games. The toddlers played dress up. The babies got held and lots of attention. Gary and I realized we could totally have a huge family, but we will stick with our 3 crazies ;)
* Valentine's Day is not a big deal in our house. Gary and I exchange small cards. He made his and had the most beautiful hand written note inside. It made me feel like a giddy school girl and I will cherish his words forever.
* We received notice from our insurance company that we needed a new roof by June. Then my steering wheel started shaking and I took my car in for inspection. I needed 4 new tires and an alignment. This year was off to a bang with needing new things!
* Logan was sent home from daycare for the first time ever with a fever. Poor dude is still not feel well. Not sure if he has hand foot and mouth or what.
* Dominic has his last basketball game on Saturday. This season flew by!
* We went to 2 birthday parties on Saturday. My two little ones fell asleep at Stef's house during party #2. Happy Birthday to Victoria and Lexie!
* We had dinner for my MIL for her birthday. I finally have perfected home made sweet and sour chicken.
* I ordered Charlie's flower girl dress for my sister's wedding and we picked the tuxes that the boys will wear. Logan will be rocking a deep hot pink vest and Dominic's will be black. I cannot wait to get their pictures taken in their outfits!
* Gary and I are on vacation next week to finish up our bathroom remodel before it hits the 3 year mark. Heh. And we hope to close in the wall in Charlie's room and paint it pink, put up all the new decorations and finally be finished with her big girl room too.
* We have been busy hanging out with our friends.

That is pretty much it around here aside from the everyday normal stuff.

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  1. I hope you get all your projects done!
    Thank you so much for watching the kids last month. That was so sweet of you both! Also? Grant gave me a similar note. Were those men talking??? ;)
    The kids are going to look SO cute in their wedding attire. I can't wait to see them wearing everything!!!
    Love you, my friend! See you soon!