Monday, April 14, 2014

Annual Easter Party and Egg Hunt

We had our fun filled day with our friends. We started having an annual Easter party many years ago. We split the kids into a toddler group and the bigger kids.

First up was the egg hunt:

The toddlers went pretty quickly and with less chaos than the older kids. After all the eggs were found, the kids dug into their baskets. Then they played outside while we did some photos with the babies. Sweet Violet was not in the mood to play in the eggs. Amelia and Liam took their turns and they looked adorable.

And is there anything cuter than little baby hands or feet playing in the eggs? I think NOT.

Then we all went inside for an easy dinner of sandwiches, chips, pasta salad and brownies. After dinner the kids dyed Easter eggs and it was as fun as it sounds. A dozen kids (since the babies are not old enough) is a lot of kids dying eggs. So much noise and dye and glitter and crayons. Whoa boy!

We stayed up late talking and holding the babies. The toddlers crashed on the couches and the big kids played some board games in the game room. It was a perfect day!

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  1. Another fun one for us! Charlie was hamming it up! You got some cute pictures of her!