Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Want a glimpse into our lives on a typical Monday?

I have seen a lot of blogs do this and I think it is interesting to see what others are doing.

If you are looking for a fabulous lifestyle read then you need to move onto another blog. We are a very real, very normal family here. 

·         5:15 am – Alarm goes off. Hard wake up because Logan was up at 2:30 am. Yawn!
·         5:30 am – Up. Gary and I get the little kids up dressed. Teeth brushed.
·         5:45 am – Let the dog out.
·         6:00 am – Gary leaves for the day and I get dressed. Teeth brushed. Get the kids shoes, coats, hats on.
·         6:15 am – Load the kids, book bags, and lunches into the car. Off to daycare we go.
·         6:30 am – Daycare drop off and back home to work for 10 hours!
·         6:45 am – Load of laundry into the washer. Hot tea made, pills taken, fruit eaten for breakfast. Make our bed. (Charlie’s room is under construction so no need to make her bed. Dom is not up yet for the day and he takes care of his and Logan’s room)
·         7:00 am – Log onto work.
·         7:05 am – Start to wake Dominic up and it usually can take up to 40 minutes to get him up. I have to yell for him, a lot.
·         9:00 am – Break from work for 15 minutes. Switch out laundry. Grab a snack of water and granola.
·         12:30 pm – Lunch break. Eat lunch of raw veggies, string cheese and chicken. Switch out laundry. Let the dog out.
·         1:00 pm – Back to work.
·         3:00 pm – Break from work. Switch out laundry. Pull out ground turkey for dinner. Eat gold fish crackers.
·         04:00 pm – Dom home from school. He grabs a snack, relaxes for a bit and starts his homework.
·         4:30 pm – Gary and the kids are home. They grab a snack and relax until I am done with work.
·         5:30 pm – Done with work. Start dinner. Chili, corn bread, hot dogs and mac-n-cheese.
·         6:30 pm – Done with dinner, clean up. Dom switches out the dish washer. Wash the pots and pans. Clean up the kitchen.
·         7:00 pm – Take kids down for a bath. Switch the last load of laundry. Gary brings up the loads that I washed for the day.
·         7:20 pm – I sort the laundry, Gary brings the kids up stairs. Snack before bedtime. Kids watch some tv.
·         8:00 pm – Story time. Ipad time. And Bedtime. Help Dom with left over homework if needed.
·         8:15 pm – Finish folding and putting laundry into baskets to be put away the following day. (or really when I have time to do it)
·         9:00 pm – Pack lunches, get dinner stuff ready for the next day. Gary gets his clothes and stuff ready for the next day.
·         9:15 pm – Shower.
·         9:30 pm – Log back onto work for over time and listen to some tv in bed with Gary.  
·         10:30 pm – Gary and I try to have a normal conversation before we go to sleep. 

SSo there you have it. Nothing exciting but it is the life that I love. 

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