Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A jump in the wrong direction

Remember when I said that we bought a trampoline? Remember how I said that the kids were SO excited to have it and enjoyed jumping on it? Well, that only lasted about 5 days. 5 days until Charlie got double bounced by her brother and ended up with a fracture of her tibia and growth plate in her knee.

It was the first day of school for Dominic and when he got home, he was happy to jump with the kids. He needed to burn off energy. The kids were happy to see him because they missed him all day long. Some of the neighbor girls were here too. One thing lead to another and there were too many big kids on there with Logan and Charlie. 

It was a freak accident and just the way she landed buckled her bone. We actually had no idea that she broke anything at first. There was no swelling and no bruising of her knee or leg. She just would not walk on it. She was very tired as it happened around 7 pm. Once Gary brought her inside, we saw that she would not put any weight on her leg. We gave her ice and Tylenol and decided to wait and see how she was in the morning.

She went to sleep pretty early but awoke in the night. She was in bed with us and went back to sleep pretty quickly so I was still unsure if she just twisted it and was in pain or something more serious. Thursday morning came and she would not stand on it. I called Gary at work and told him that I would be picking him up and we would be taking her to the ER together.

We got to Children's Hospital and we were seen right away. We got xrays and poor Charlie cried when we had to straighten her leg, the only time she cried the whole time we were there! She is a trouper that one. They confirmed that she had a buckle fracture and orthopedics was called to put her in a cast. I held her while they put a purple cast on (her choice!) from her toes to almost the top of her thighs.

Charlie got home and friends and family quickly started to come over and visit her. She had lots of names on her cast. She received a lot of cute little things to keep her busy. It was awesome and we were so grateful for everyone's thoughtfulness.

After a week, Charlie's cast started to get a hole in the heal of her foot from her scooting around on the bottom of her bum. She is not allowed to put any weight on her leg (although we catch her still walking on it sometimes) so scooting is the only way to get around without mommy/daddy carrying her. We had to make an appointment to get re-casted just 3 weeks after getting her first cast. This appointment was the worst thing ever for Charlie. She was so afraid of the saw that she screamed and cried the whole time. She broke blood vessels all over her body. Traumatized. I am not looking forward to getting off the next cast. This time she choose pink as the new color and they made this cast thicker so that she did not wear through it again.

This whole process has been an ordeal. After her pink cast comes off, she is going to have a knee immobilizer on for 3 more weeks. Having a 3 year old in a cast that cannot walk is draining on everyone in the family. We are looking forward to when Charlie is all healed and we are back to normal here.

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