Friday, October 24, 2014

Zoo Boo

My sister asked if we wanted to go to Zoo Boo with her and some friends and family. We, of course, said yes! I think everyone in Pittsburgh was there, my IG feed was full of people we knew there! Some people we saw in person, others we missed. We love the zoo and had not been there for a few years. We had a membership for a long time but did not renew because we had been going SO much that the kids were getting bored going.

We had a HUGE group of people. We all met up and went into the park. Some were late due to traffic, others went in separate directions, others walked too fast or slow to keep together and some left early due to cranky kidlets. There were SO MANY people there that it gave me severe anxiety that we would lose one of our kids. Charlie got knocked over by 2 separate families, one of which did not even have kids with her. Neither family spoke English and neither said they were sorry for knocking her over. It was a crazy amount of people in one place so we could not stay all together with our group, so we met up off and on.

The kids enjoyed seeing the animals. Charlie loved seeing the princesses, especially Anna and Elsa! The kids got candy and ate every single piece as they got it. After the zoo, Logan went home with his cousin Ethan so that he could go to a Halloween party on Sunday with him.

We went home with Charlie and Dom, noticing that Charlie was now limping on her former broken leg. We went home and did yard work as a family, raking leaves. Around 6 pm, Charlie was complaining that her leg was pounding in pain. We gave her motrin and she went to bed early. She has since been still limping a bit. Poor muffin, we think walking so much was too much for her leg.


  1. It was CRAZY! Sorry we didn't get to see you longer, but I know you had to catch up with your family!

  2. Glad the kiddos had fun! Sorry to hear it was so crazy there! Hope Charlie's leg is feeling better!