Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kidlet update

Logan walks around the house, knocking on doors and calling out people's names.  He went to Dominic's door, knocked and yells "Dah." Gary tells him that he is in the bathroom...so Logan walks over to the bathroom door and knocks saying "Dah, Dah."  He always goes to the front door & our bedroom door and knocks and says "Dada."  The smart little booger also says "Gaga" when he hears the front door open.

Dominic has had an issue with his belly for years.  Lately, its been worse.  We have the fun task of getting several stool samples tonight and tomorrow.  With my pregnancy gag reflex in full swing, it should be totally fun!  The poor guy has not slept for a full night in days.  He wakes up screaming and crying in pain.  Last night not only did Logan get up 5 times but Dominic was up twice.  Both kids were in our bed, it made sleeping interesting and for some sore backs in the morning!

Logan loves to sing and clap.  My Mom has been singing patty cake with him for awhile now.  Last night he started to sing and clap it on his own.  OMG it was so cute!  "Padah Cake" "Padah Cake" big smile and waits for you to finish the rest of the song! 

It is fun to watch Logan, Gary and Dominic dance around the living room.  Logan's version of dancing is running in place with the occasional hand flail.  Gary and Dominic will follow his lead and he giggles in delight.

Dominic gets his first report card this week.  I cannot wait to see how he did.  All of his papers that come home are always very good. I also have a parent teacher conference on Thursday, so I am interested to see how he is doing in the class.  He likes his teacher, which is a pleasant change from last year. I am hoping that helps with his impulsive talking behavior!

This third baby should be showing us either the "hamburger or hotdog" in just about 4 weeks!  I am getting excited.  Hard to believe that I am going to be half way done in a month.

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  1. Logan is getting so big! It's crazy how fast they grow up.
    I hope Dom gets some relief. I wonder if he has Celiac Disease? That's a big one they tested Lexie for.