Thursday, November 11, 2010

Black Friday and the Saturday after

It is approaching...and I am getting EXCITED!

I was never one to go out shopping so early on black friday but one year my sister and I decided to give it a go!  Ever since then I have gone with friends and family and have a fun time doing it.  I love to watch everyone get crazy and some get really CRACKS ME UP!  Listen people if you want a cheap laptop/camera/tv ect then you better be prepared to be there for like 24 hours like the crazy other people who want it.

But seriously, I have fun when I go.  I make the most of it and get the deals I can to spread even more Christmas cheer.  I am never upset if I miss something that I want, never push people out of the way and enjoy every second of people watching I get waiting in lines :)  I also love getting great bargins that allow us to donate more to needy families which is a tradition in our family.  Dominic is well aware of everything that we do to help out others and he gets into it.  He loves helping others just like me!

This year things are going to be slightly different as Toys R Us decided to open its doors at 10pm Thursday night.  I have a few people that I am going with and we should have a blast again this year.  Stopping to grab a bite to eat in between our deal findings.  Plus my Mom has to work Thursday night into Friday morning so I am going to be picking her up from work and going to breakfast with her and my Aunt...along with anyone else in our group who decides they wanna join in!  After that, I come home and hit the hay for a few hours of a nap because I can.  My husband is AWESOME is like that and knows that I do the shopping and he cares for the kidlets.

Saturday in our house is spent hanging up Christmas decorations and I cannot wait to get everything out this year. I have had a huge blow up snow globe with snowmen in it that I have never used and bought a few years ago.  I do need to get some more decorations this year.  We also get to put up our white tree and decorate it in all black and gold in the family hang our Steelers stockings up down there too :)
I just hope that Logan keeps his little chubby fingers off of everything!!

What does everyone do on Black Friday and the weekend after Thanksgiving?


  1. I love shopping, but unlike you, I am not big on black friday. I usually shop in the evening that day, when the stores are dead, and still manage to get some great deals!
    I bet you're so excited to have a house to decorate this year! Enjoy!
    We do the decorating that weekend, and go to Christmas parades. I can't wait!

  2. I love parades! And I cannot wait to decorate the house :) I hope Gary can deal with my crazy OCD of where I want everything, lol