Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Logan bits

Logan got used to Dominic being home from school and playing with him.  Today, when we put Dominic on the bus, Logan said "Dah" all the way back home.  Then he wondered around the house asking for him over and over again, knocking on doors to see if Dominic was in there.  "Dah? Dah?"  To which I have to answer that Dominic is at school and he would be home later.  Then the little munchkin started saying "Dah awkool?"
My poor little man misses his big brother and it breaks my heart.

We have always taken things away from Logan when he should not have it and say "Thank you." Well this weekend when he was playing with something he shouldn't and it was taken away, Logan began to tear up.  He went back over to his Dad and began taking the item back all the while saying "gank eww" as tears streamed down his face.  So cute and funny and the darn little thing is learning so quick!

Our Christmas tree had a few ornaments that Logan called "balls" on it.  He would take them off and play with them, eat the string and then throw them back at the tree.  Then on Sunday, Gary had to put them up on the mantel.  Logan took them off the tree, said "kick it" and then decided to kick them around the living room. Oh, I laughed forever at that!  

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  1. That's so cute that he loves Dom so much. I can't believe how big he's getting!