Monday, November 29, 2010

Whirl of a weekend

I blinked and my 4 day weekend was GONE in what seemed like a flash.

Wednesday my niece was baptized.   It is hard to keep kids quiet for over an hour in church ;)

Thursday was of course Thanksgiving.  It was a different for my family without my Dad here.  He worked most holidays so it was few and far between that we actually got to eat dinner with him BUT it was still obvious that he was only there in spirit.  My Aunt said a prayer for dinner and my Dad, most people were in tears...including me.  I went to my Moms to help cook and my Aunt was there bright and early to help out as well.  Logan had a wonderful time playing with Ethan.
Friday was shopping day for me!  I had fun with my brother and friends as we went store to store getting some awesome deals. Most people tell me that I am nuts for going out.  I have fun with it and love to people watch while going out!  I got 90% of my shopping done that day and am so happy with the amount of money we did NOT spend this year!  The rest of the day was spent napping for me and then family time with my husband and my kids.  Logan colored for the first time with crayons and every few seconds he ate them.

Saturday we did our normal Christmas decorating.  I will post more on this later with some pics :)

Sunday night I watched The Blind Side with Dominic.  He is very much into helping others as much as possible.  He loved the movie and was brought to tears on more than one occasion. We have made it a tradition to donate to toys for tots every Christmas and adopting a less fortunate family.  This year we changed it up and I donated money to (a friend of a friends blog) toys for kids and then bought presents for toys for tots. Dominic loves to donate money to cancer research (stemming from my Dads cancer I assume) and he likes to buy the bracelets no matter what the cause to donate his money to help some one else!   I think we did great in teaching him to give back and he is only 8 :) I pat myself on the back a little for that one!

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  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend! It did fly by, didn't it?
    I had to laugh about Logan eating the crayons!