Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hormones mixed with Anxiety is super fun

I am 22 weeks pregnant and am starting to get the fear of having 2 babies in the house.  It hit me like a ton of bricks last night when Logan woke up during the night and would not go back to sleep.  He is teething and well, as you other Moms know, sleep is crazy messed up during that time.  My neck was sore (thank you pregnancy belly that does not always allow me to get off the couch...laugh if you must), my husband was sick in bed and I was trying to sleep on the couch.  All mixed together perfectly, NOT!

So....I was watching 16 & Pregnant on TV (my first mistake apparently) and my hormones started to flow with watching those Moms cry and have their babies.  Tears running down my cheeks with my mind racing.  How am I going to handle having 2 babies at the same time.  Mix that in with working full time and having another child who already gives me the 'I do not get enough attention' spat all the time....I will be completely gray by age 33. 

What exactly scares me?  A) Diapers....changing them/paying for them/they will take over my life, I can feel it B) Having enough time for all my kids, its hard enough with I will have a helpless newborn, a toddler and a pre-teen ZOMG C) Being able to shower...kinda goes along with the having enough time D) Being able to have an adult conversation...these are few and far between right now and I am sure its only going to get worse.  E) Dealing with a toddler who is now not the baby...who I fear will throw stuff at his baby sister! Or that he will climb into her swing/bouncer whiles shes in it.  And well the list goes on from there.

Dominic is very self sufficient, however, he procrastinates and does things half assed.  This is a pet peeve of mine...oh how I hate telling him 70 billion times to get dressed, brush his teeth, eat or wash his whatever it may be.  Dominic is very needy still with some things and...the child NEVER stops talking. EVER. He walks around even talking to himself, oiy! Logan is in no way shape or form self sufficient.  He can play by himself with his toys, which is a huge bonus, that could change once a baby is introduced into this house. Logan loves his 'B', which I wanted to take slowly away.  I know that I cannot do that now, for he will just take his sisters when she arrives at home. 

Fears are building up...I am sure its only going to get worse as I enter into my third trimester and then get ready for delivery.  Speaking of which, anyone want to come stay at my house while that happens with the 2 cute little boys?

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  1. Just as you managed going from 1 to 2, you will manage going from 2 to 3. No matter what the age difference of your kids, there are issues that will need to be worked out. I know I have my own fears of having 3, but we'll make it through! If you need anything, let me know!