Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End Review

Yes, I know I skipped the Christmas post but I promise when I can get to go through all my pics then I will document it!

2010 was a year to remember.  Not everything was happy go lucky but we managed to make it to another year!

Dominic turned baby...8 years old. Ugh, I am getting old!  We resumed our hunt for a house, for like the umpteenth time.  We were starting to think that maybe we just were not meant to own a home.  Nothing ever felt right.

We looked at a few houses and made offers on 2 of them.  We lost the big fabulous house that we wanted.  Returned to the second runner up for another peak and just didn't know if the time was right.  We celebrated my Dad's 58th birthday with an apple cake from our favorite bakery and decorated by yours truly (since you know it is copy righted and the bakery cannot possibly put it on the cake).

March 8, 2010 was the saddest day of my life.  My Dad passed away while we all stood bedside, tears running down everyone's face.  Not really feeling like it was real, although he had not eaten in days nor did he open his eyes much the day before. You can think you are prepared for something but when it happens, you know you really just never are.  After weeks of not working, helping my Mom and dealing with my household it was time to go back to work.  Try to make life normal we resumed our house search.  We put an offer in on house #2.

Offer accepted...ZOMG...we are going to own a house.  Crap, a mortgage! Decorating ideas running around my head since it was known from day one that this is a first house.  A flip that we wanted to accomplish together, Gary and I, and move on to what we want to grow old in. Paper work galore. Logan turned 6 months old.

Stress of dealing with paperwork consumed us.  Stress of inspections and appraisal fail consumed us.  Stress of putting Logan in daycare and watching him cry as I left killed me inside. Keep pressing on, we must finish everything to get this house since we lost our loan since the appraisal did not pass.

Appraisal pass!  New loan secured...Closing day moved by 2 weeks, which only gives Gary and I 3 days to rip out carpet, paint all rooms, clean like crazy (pets are nasty and smell when they go to the bathroom everywhere) and OMG moving day!  Replacing the rotted out toilet was an unexpected gross first on the list during moving day...thank you Amber for being an awesome friend and doing it while we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. Baby cousin Ethan was born, welcome to our crazy family little man!  We love you :)

Annual picnic at my Moms.  Totally different without my Dad at the grill.  Dominic started football and goodness he got his first broken bone. Fractured pinky finger...why hello Dr visits, xrays galore and 3 different casts.  Logan had his first fever of 105...scary stuff!

Vacation to IL for my best friends wedding.  Congrats to Trisha and Troy-may you have a happy marriage for the rest of your lives.  Drive home from vacation consisted of Logan having a blow out in the car and Dominic throwing up everywhere in the car as well....GOOD TIMES people!  Dominic started 3rd grade, where does the time go?

Found out we were expecting baby #3l!  Baby is due at the end of April/beginning of May.  We are beyond excited, thrilled and scared. Logan started walking.

Really, my baby boy Logan turned 1 year old. ONE YEAR OLD. Already? It is unbelievable. He easily gave up the bottle 1 week before his birthday, does not like whole milk (only 2%) and started to run!  Talking more and more.

Thanksgiving and black Friday shopping as always. Holiday was good...again completely different without my Dad.  We did have a mishap that the electric knife did not work and my poor Aunt had to run out and buy a regular good sharp knife in a flash.

Found out that baby #3 is a GIRL!  Charlotte "Charlie" is going to melt everyone's heart...I can feel it.  Also found out that our friends Stef and Grant are expecting their baby #3 in August of 2011-Congrats to them!  We are so happy to not be the only crazy family of 5 ;) Christmas was super busy as always....we open presents 5 times in one day.  Its exhausting but my kids are so loved and blessed. Another first holiday without my Dad was difficult at times.  Logan fell down our basement steps, scariest thing I have ever had to deal with as a Mom.  I cannot even describe what the fear, helplessness and anxiety feels like as you are rushing to pick up your baby and nervously check him over....speed to the hospital and make frantic phone calls to the necessary people all at the same time. We learned that every person who walks into your house does not have common sense and will not close the door to the steps just because they see a walking around baby. Our house is gates a plenty now. We are fortunate to be so lucky that he is completely fine with minor injuries.  I, on the other hand, may not recover from the traumatic experience. We will be ringing in the new years at home with a few friends coming over.  We are big party people you guys!

I hope your 2010 was as memorable as ours....good or bad, memories last a life time.  May 2011 bring blessings, joy and happiness to all!

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