Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Craziness

I love Christmas but it is 2 days of running around like chickens with our heads cut off!  The kids have a great time but are so cranky by the end of day 2!

Christmas eve we always spend at my Dads side of the family.  Aunt Paulma holds the festivities which include a visit from Santa and a late dinner.  We usually get home around 12:30 am from our get together and then the magic has to happen in our home!  The boys looked adorable in their matching sweaters, which I know will be the last year for it (since a certain almost 9 year old thinks Mom is totally lame for doing it)!

Upon the crashing in bed of the little boys then Santa visits our house, while Mom and Dad watch 'A Christmas Story'.  He adds presents to the ones out from us.

Explanations had to be given to Dominic since he thought Logan received more gifts.  We had to explain that Mom, Dad and Santa have a budget and his gifts cost more and are smaller since they are electronics and legos.  After he thought about it, he understood.  Crisis averted, phew!

After opening gifts here at our house, we head to my Moms for breakfast and our gift exchanges with her and my siblings.  The kids are in a crazy gift opening mood at this point...okay, well Dominic is!  Logan did not really get the gift unwrapping year I am sure will be different.

After gifts with my Mom, Sam and Dawn....we head to Jim's to exchange gifts with him, Matt, Tina and Noel.  Dom and Noel rip through their gifts in no time flat.  We only stay there for about an hour as we have to get back to my Moms and Jim always joins us.

Upon getting back to my Moms, we eat a yummy dinner.  We have yet another gift exchange with her side of the family.  We enjoyed many memories of Ethan's first Christmas, Bella's first Christmas and of course Jingle opening her own gifts!  What a sight to see, a dog who opens gifts :)

Before dessert we have to head out of my Moms and over to Gary's Granddads for another gift exchange.  We arrived right before they ate, so it gave us a few precious moments of quiet and relaxing on the couch.  This pregnant Mama was very thankful for that!  The kids received so many more wonderful things but quickly got to the crabby stage.  Poor Logan hit his head off of the corner of the door when someone let him down....he immediately took off. Stinker!

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. Next year will be even more wonderful with a little girl crawling around in all the chaos!

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  1. Cute Christmas pictures! Our Christmases are always way too busy, too...lots of places to stop! Next year will be fun for finally get to dress a girl! ;)