Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow....really do I need to say more?

Ugh, the snow is getting to me.  I do not mind it at all if stayed out of my driveway and off the roads but apparently mother nature did not get my request.  The new street we live on is horrible most of the time.  We have an SUV that is hard to get up if you even remotely slow down. Just with the last storm, I tweeted about how it took Gary a couple hours to get home from Pittsburgh. I am so glad to have a work from home most of the time job.  I would hate to commute an hour each way in these storms.  I have a bajillion Dr apts in the next couple weeks for myself and the kids.  I am seriously hoping the snow just stops and spring comes upon us. It would make this pregnant Mama a happy woman.  Are there any no snow type dances or chants we can do?

1 comment:

  1. I'm sick of it, too. This cold weather is worse, though. If the snow stayed off the roads, I'd be happy! ;)