Saturday, January 22, 2011

Growing in Cuteness

Logan has seemed to have a big burst in his vocabulary this week and has learned so many new and exciting things.

He no longer calls Dominic 'Dah,' he can now say 'Dahmick.'  He will stand on the hall gate and yell 'Dahmick' until Dom comes out to greet him or play with him. 

As most parents do, Gary and I sing silly songs and do crazy dances with the kids.  Logan can sing parts of Twinkle Twinkle and Patty Cake.  The CUTE that comes out when he sings melts my heart!  'Up ab-bub da whorl' he sings and 'Pada cake, pada cake. wool it, pad it, arc it.'  He taps around on his feet doing happy feet with us all the while singing his versions of the songs :)  He has a chicken that sings the chicken dance song and he loves to dance around with it....cracks me up!

He can also match some colors together.  He will grab a red ball and if you tell him to get another red one, he will!  If you say to get a blue ball, he will and says 'boo!'    He also loves to say 'kick it' and kick balls around the house.  He throws them and says 'ball.'  I think its fair to say they are one of his favorite toys!

He is pretty independent when it comes to playing with toys and entertaining himself. Shhhh, I know I am SUPER LUCKY with that!  He is content to grab flip books, sit on his couch and look at them.  He loves to play with his ball pitt, little people, cars, play food and run the sweeper of the continual messes he makes.  I could seriously just watch him and the cute all day.  He likes to bring things to us and have one on one time with each of us.  He loves to grab things he is not supposed to have and run away with them too. He is starting to want to wrestle with Gary and Dom when they do.  He yells and runs over and jumps on them full blast. 

I know everyone thinks their kid(s) is/are the cutest...I am not exception to that rule!  I love this age and how they are interacting with the world around them.  It seems like every day there is something new they can do.  And to think, in 20 months I get to experience it all over again :)

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