Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things are changing

Around our house, things are changing at a rapid pace....

My belly has doubled in size in the last whoa....I am officially huge with a popped belly button, uncomfortable and ready to just be done. (I am going to assume Gary is ready for me to be done too, he looks and feels helpless when I am in the bathroom getting sick STILL or laying in bed due to complete exhaustion/contractions)
My contractions are getting more powerful (waking me up at night) and I still have 8 weeks left (or sooner!). We are going to be building the new bassinet, washing all of Charlotte's clothes/bedding and setting up the swing/bouncers ect.  The house is going to look different.  Our family will look different.  Our hearts will be different.  Everything will change as we know it. 
My kids are changing.  Dominic is getting so grown up.  His growth spurts are out of control.....with legs so long that a size 10 is getting too short yet fall down in the waist.  He is starting to worry about what others think.  Becoming more interested in what I call dangerous toys (dirt bikes, quads).  He also is more and more into computers and electronics.  He decided to buy an ipod touch with his birthday money and put away the rest to save for a lap top.  I swear he was just a he is a tween YIKES!  Logan is talking more and more.  Repeats words that I never thought he would be able to say.  I guess its time to watch what we say around him, heh.  He is getting taller and can see his little ribs already and the poor thing is only 16 months old.  No chubby baby belly for him.  I compared Dominics toddler pictures to Logans and wow the difference in chubby is amazing.  They look a lot alike....although Dominics features favor Garys as a child and Logans favor me.

Change is good but also scary!


  1. In this case, change is good! Charlotte will be a great addition to your family!

  2. Awww, I think change is good!! What is a tween? Is this a new word??