Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day and tidbits

hThis year I decided to do something different on Valentine's Day.  Gary and I always hang out at home...no way we are going to try to go to dinner out on a day like that.  However, this year I did not want my Mom to be alone.  So I figured, hey, why don't we have our parents and siblings over for dinner.  I'll make something easy like lasagna, salad, garlic bread and brownies! And that my friends, is exactly what we did.  I pre-made the lasagna and brownies the night before.  Ahem, broken toe and supposed to be off my feet per my OB.  I cut the brownies in heart shapes per the norm.  Everyone had a good time so the night was a success.

Our date night is coming up this Saturday and we have decided on good Italian food as take out and a movie in :)  Yes, we know how to party! And no we are not the romantic type of couple at all...we are totally down to earth and real.  When we first started dating, Gary would buy me a rose every weekend.  It was sweet and thoughtful and he does buy me flowers for no reason still...we just are not the kissy romantic types.  GAH, gag me if we were!

Onto some the of the cute that is my boys ;)
Dominic made me the best card this year.  He used the sides of his hands to make a painted heart.  On the card it says "You stole my Heart!" He will melt some girls heart someday....but for now he has to keep melting mine!
Logan has been talking more and more: Row, Row Row when he wants you to sing Row, Row, Row your boat.  Happy Birdah (happy birthday). Brudda (brother). He calls Bewa (Bella, my Moms Yorkie) when he is eating because he likes to feed her from his highchair, lol.   He grabs his diaper and says pee-pee and I think he saying it when he is going....he also is grabbing his diapers when he wants changed.  I think more potty training is in our future!
Dominic got all good reports on his report card...I mean nothing that says "Dominic is too chatty, Dominic wiggles in his seat, Dominic needs to pay attention." NONE...I am in shock! He received lots of praise for that :) All the reports were "Dominic pays attention, Dominic uses time wisely, Dominic finishes his work, Dominic participates in class." A Mothers dream come true.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful love day...even if high on romance is your thing ;)

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I bet dinner was delicious!