Monday, June 20, 2011

Dads day of lego land fun

For father's day this year, I wanted to get Gary tickets to Lego Kids Fest.  It was something we could do as a family yet still be geared towards him.  Did I mention that my guys LOVE them some Legos.  Seriously, our house is filled with them. I really do not want to know how much we have 'invested' in Legos. We have sets from when Gary was little and Dominic gets new ones every year for his birthday and Christmas!  Logan has fallen right in line with the loving of building with his Duplos!

When we arrived at the David L Lawrence Convention Center before it opened, I was all....we have tons of time to get there without a line....whoa was I WRONG (yes it doesn't happen often that I am nor admit to being it, but hey I was this time)...TONS of peeps had arrived to play with blocks. Look at blocks. Race the blocks. Build the blocks. Get their pictures taken with the blocks. A square time was to be had by all!

There were tons of exhibits of towns built, completed sets, master builder showcases and statues! The kids also got to build a piece of a mural to add to the wall.  There was a rock climbing wall, snacks, shops (spent WAY TOO much money there), stations where you could build with one color blocks/build race cars ect.  The guys and I had a great time.  We decided to leave Logan with my Mom since he is all 'hey I am going to run here and there and not be careful' stage.  We had gotten word from a friend that it was not really toddler friendly!  Charlie was awesome and so good, she is a super baby.

After playing with Legos for a few hours, we headed to dinner and then home.  We were all very tired.  We had the family over on Saturday for a Dads dinner and went to see my Dads grave before we went to Lego land....not to mention we went to a Graduation party too on Saturday.  So. Many. Things. All in all a good weekend, just very busy and full of things to do. Hope everyone else had a fun filled weekend with the Dads in their lives!

Happy Dads day to my hubs! Happy Father's day to my Dad who I miss very much.

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  1. I'm so glad you all had fun! I bet Gary and Dom were so happy to be there!