Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kicking Off Summer

Monday was Dominic's last day of school (way later than normal thanks to a late start due to construction and a crappy winter). He came home ready to kick back and enjoy the next couple months off, even if we had been acting like summer break started on Memorial Day!
So far we have: gone to a pool party with our close friends, have gone out for ice cream twice, had a camp out in the living room, went to the zoo, had a camp fire, had a few cookouts, I took Dominic to WildWood Highlands, threw one baby shower, set up the baby pool and started walking. 

We will not be going on a traditional vacation this year since I took 2 extra weeks off for maternity leave and have no time left off from work. We may try to take a long weekend in September and go to the beach but still have no definitive plans.
I had 2 baby showers to plan for this summer.  One was a surprise for our friends Stef and Grant.  It was a success and they were surprised and received much needed diapers for baby #3 Nugget.
The next shower is for my best friend Trisha and it is her first baby!  She is having a little boy and I am super excited for her, she is going to rock the Mom thing ;)  I have put a lot of time into the details of her shower, I even made her invites (which no two are alike)!

I cannot wait to pick out the cake or cupcakes this week and put the final finishing touches on the games.
We have very few free weekends and are trying to keep busy for the kids! Here is to kicking off summer and having good times with family/friends :)

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  1. I love the pictures of Dom in the pool with Logan! Cute! Great job on the invitations!