Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wrapping Up

My time off with Charlie is winding down to the end :( I am going to miss spending all day with her and, cleaning, shopping and running errands. Someday I will be able to stay home with them, that time is just not right now.
I officially only have one more week off of work and then I start my new schedule.  I will be working (still from home mostly) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 7-530.  I am very excited about my new schedule and so grateful that my work was able to accommodate me so that we did not have to pay for another day of daycare.  Because in all reality, I would be paying as much as I would be bringing home after taxes so what is the point of working then?!
Dominic is done with school on Monday.  He is so very excited to be done with 3rd grade and move on to 4th.  Next year is his last year in the little kids schools, which totally makes me feel super old! Heh  He had a school music performance for the parents this week.  Luckily, Gary had taken off of work to spend the day with me (since it was our anniversary) so he was able to attend.
I hope to make next week a great week with the kids. Dom has a doctor apt Tuesday and then I think I'm going to take them to lunch. Wednesday we are shopping with my brother and probably lunch out with him.
Here is hoping my time with the kids is wonderful this week :)

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