Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, White & Blue

Happy Birthday America!
This holiday was my Dad's holiday.  He went all out for the family/friend picnic every single year.  This year the crowd was small but I felt his vibe. 
Saturday was the big day....   Dominic played with the neighbor kids, Logan played with his cousin Ethan, Gary grilled with my uncle, I helped with dinner and took pictures while the baby hung out and got spoiled!  There was a lot of food, bubbles, kick ball and laughter.

Sunday we woke up early and went out to breakfast and bathroom shopping.  We have almost everything picked out to start the remodel.  The only question right now is marble or granite...  Then we went to my Moms for picnic left overs and to just hand out.  Gary had running around to do with his Dad so the kids and I kept my Mom company.  After we got home, Gary and I started to do touch up paint that has been waiting since last summer.  It was a late night that started again on Monday the 4th!  Logan played in his pack n play and Dom watched TV while Charlotte slept!  We are so blessed to have children who allow us to get things done and when they do not then we call a Grandparent to come help, heh!  The house is finally getting where we want it. 
All in all it was a good long holiday weekend.  How was yours?

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