Friday, August 12, 2011

A big week

This past week has been milestones galore!

Logan started going on the POTTY on Sunday 8.7.11! We are not forcing him, just asking. If he says No then we do not put him on it. He has been interested for a few weeks but I was brushing it off. Thinking that he just could not be ready yet! Then he started asking to go on the potty and taking his diaper off. So I thought, well he is :) He has gone a couple times. He wakes up in the morning and even from naps asking for the potty. All good signs :)  We bought him a second potty chair since we have 2 bathrooms. He has done wonderful and I know it will be MONTHS before he is potty trained. But for now, I am thankful to have a not even 2 year old boy who goes like a big boy!

Charlotte started rolling over from her back to her belly on Sunday 8.7.11. If that was not grand enough, she started rolling from her belly to her back on 8.9.11!  My little sweet baby is a roller. A rolly polly roller. The little cutie does it in her sleep and then gets mad and wakes up screaming. It is adorable, funny and oh so tiring!  My baby is just growing so fast. I need a pause button, please.

My husband turned 30! THE BIG 30! He can no longer say to me that he is in the under 30 crowd ;)

How has the week gone for you?


  1. I truly didn't realize how similar our lives are! My husband turns 30 next week. Are you older or younger than he is? I'm a cougar, myself ;)

    Cara (also born in April 2011) is also quite the roller! We should get all these little boogers together sometime.

  2. LOL Michelle, I am a cougar as well. He is almost 3 years younger. I would not have it any other way! We really do have similar lives. Play dates are def fun!!

  3. They are both getting TOO big! Glad Gary can't tease everybody about being in their 30's anymore! ;)