Friday, August 26, 2011

4th Month has come and gone

Dear Charlotte

You are now 4 month old and time is flying by. You are such a plump chubby baby. You are starting to scoot yourself around which really scares Mommy!  I cannot wait to get your stats at your appointment on Tuesday :)  You have figured out at your young age that you like dresses and skirts more than pants. How do I know this? You poop on your outfits every time we put you in jeans or capris!  You are a chatter box with your cooing and giggling.  You love your brothers and Dominic is the first one to make you belly laugh.  You watch them play and love to be in your exersaucer. 

 You are always smiling!
 On the out world. Watch out big brothers ;)
 Mover and shaker....
 First bite of fruit....yummy bananas!
 You always are noming on your hands and fingers.
You like food....can you tell by the cheeks?!

I am so lucky and blessed to be your Mommy. You are simply beautiful and such a perfect little girl. XOXO

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