Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Dominic has had a few funny and memorable sayings over the years.  This past week has brought me to reminisce over them.  Laugh out loud at them. And now, share them!

Just this week....  My Mom and I were discussing what to smoke for Gary's birthday party next weekend.  Dominic over heard us talking and he chimed in: "Mom, do you mean what type of weed to smoke? Because if you do then I am going to call the cops and have you put in jail." Well then, okay! I had to explain that Nana and I were talking about what type of MEAT to smoke in the SMOKER.  And apparently, just because I am his Mom does not mean that I get a free pass with him either.  Also, school is very up on teaching the kids what drugs are and the many types too.  So I need to stay on the straight and narrow around that one, I guess ;)

When Dom was about 4 years old, we were at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave's house.  The party was in full swing and the kids were getting wild.  Noel and Dom were running around.  "Noel fell, but there is N-O-O-O blood" *hands going out to the side like he was calling safe at a baseball game. This one is a classic in our house!

When Dom was about 5 years old he decided to let everyone know "I like to party naked" OKAY THEN! Not really sure where he got that from cause Gary and I would much rather not party with our clothes off. Heh.

Gary and I did not get married until Dom was 6 years old.  The whole time we were planning our wedding he would say "We are getting married." (as in all 3 of us were getting hitched!)

When Dom was 2, our niece was born.  He over heard us say that my sister in law had a C-section and they cut her belly open to get out the baby.  He thought that all babies come out of the belly button from that conversation.  I wasn't really sure how to tell him they didn't!  Right before we had Logan, we were watching the show 'I didn't know I was Pregnant.' Many, many of the parts show women having babies into toilets. He then thought that women "poop them out."  I win at baby delivery talk with my kids, apparently.

When we went to the zoo at the beginning of the summer, we saw some very frisky animals.  We laughed and thought nothing of it.  Till we hear "Eww, they are humping." Out of our 9 year olds mouth. For real. We did not teach him that, have no idea where he got that from and were very surprised that he knew what they were doing. 

When Dom was 4, he was drawing pictures.  He drew one for my Aunt to hang up at work. He gave her the picture and proudly said "It's my penis." And she proudly hung it up for all to see.

These are just a few of my favorite funny things. 

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