Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Domino Effect

Whoa. You. Guys.
My husband broke our bathroom window a few weeks back.  It was comical and we thought 'oh well, we need new windows anyway.' Little did we know what was going to come of that little broken window.
After much thought, we realized that we cannot get new windows without demoing the bathroom tub tile. We cant really demo part of the tub tile and leaving it like that. So one lead to another and into.....well A LOT of things in a Domino effect. Here is a pic of part of our bathroom:
We started out thinking with doing our own labor, that we could remodel the bathroom for around $2,500 dollars. Well, not so much there. It has practically doubled in cost.  We thought we could get windows for around the same price, not a chance of that. It also doubled in price.  Our little broken window has turned into a $10,000 project. It. Is. Ridiculous. Seriously.
Gary has been working all week on demo. It is finally almost done. He had mutliple bumps along the way.  Almost falling through the floor a few times, 2 ant farms living in the wall (which by the way we do not have ants in the house) and finding 1.5 inches of concrete all the way around the room.  Tomorrow he should be able to do all the repairs and get the sub-floor put down.  Then he can continue on with installing the insulation and dry wall/concrete board and the tub. Then we get to paint, lay the marble, insert the toilet (yay for no more smashed baby fingers with slow closing lid), vanity, mirror, and cabinet.  Last but not least will be installing the wainscoting, fixtures, accessories and the lights.  Hopefully, all before Gary's 30th Birthday party next Saturday. Hopefully. Wait, did I say hopefully?!
These are both projects that needed done. Just did not want to do it 3 months after having another baby. 2 in diapers. 1 with formula. 2 in daycare. Guys, kids are expensive. Heh. With the bathroom being done, that leaves us to hopefully get the hard wood refinished next year. Then the kitchen remodeled. Along with the landscaping and other minor things needing done, we will have a completely remodeled house. Then we sell for a profit and move on to the dream home...or so we hope ;)

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