Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Binki be gone

The great debate of when to take away the pacifier.

In our house, its called a B for Logan and Charlie. When Dom was little he called it 'mickey' because he could not say binki. Whatever the word may be....the question is always when to kick the habbit.

Some parents choose not to use them. Some kids just do not want them. My boys were obsessive with them. Wanted them 24/7 but Charlie only likes it to fall asleep. Deciding on taking them away is all dependent on the child and their personality...and, well, their attachment to it!

When Dom was little and we wanted to get rid of it, we cut the nipple and in a few days it was gone. He only asked for it a couple times! We were very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was with him. Daycare took it away during the day except at nap time about 6 months before we did. He would walk into his room and put it in his cubby. He messing with mickey and the teachers ;)  At home, he would have them all over the place and use them as he wanted.  He was old enough to understand that he did not need it anymore. It all went smooth!

For Logan, we had no idea when to take it.  We had planned on taking it around a year old. But the poor kid was sick all the time. Then he had surgery. So we decided to just drop it down to naps/bed/super fussy times and changed the B to a nuk so that his teeth would not be affected. That worked out well for awhile. Then we had his baby sister and the Bnapping began. He would take away hers and run with it. He stole her purple and pink B's that were the same as his original B's. We decided to switch Charlie to the nuks too so that our lives would be easier. Yay for success!!  Don't get me wrong, he still stole them now and again as a game. But he was mostly over the fact that she had a pink B and he had a blue one. 
Then Thursday I forgot his B at home when I dropped him off at daycare. OMG. Terrible things were running through my mind. He had just adjusted to daycare. Liked going. Now this?! I told them if he had a rough time sleeping then I could bring one in, just call to let me know. I waited for the phone to ring. I waited, waited, waited. NO CALL?! Really...he could not have been okay all day without it. Could he? The answer...YES! I decided that we were just taking it away. If he asked, we would tell him he is a big boy and B's are for babies. So I hid them all...out of sight, out of mind! It worked. He only asked for it when he saw his blue bedtime blanket. Then again on Saturday morning. Other than asking. He has stolen Charlie's twice but gave them right back without a fuss. Had I know this would be so darn easy then I would have done it a long time ago.

So how about you? Have any binki stories to share??


  1. Hello! New follower of your blog! My daughter loves her binkie and it has been such a lifesaver, we have not even thought about when we will take it away...ahhh

    My younger brother called his blankie "mickey" when he was litte, oh the memories!

    PS...Love the name Logan, if we ever have a boy some day, that will be THE name!

  2. Awesome! I wish it was that easy at our house. Claire is OBSESSED and steals them whenever she can. Great post and what freedom!

  3. I'm so glad it went well! Dylan and Lexie didn't take them, but I'll be sure to ask you for advice when Lily is older! ;)