Sunday, October 2, 2011

Go Figure

I am not one to get insomnia. I have 3 kids, a full time job, a house and a husband. I have way too much going on to not be able to sleep. Well, for some reason last night I found myself constantly waking up. Every. Single. Hour.

I did not want to wake up my husband so I decided to go log on and work. Hoping it would make me tired enough to go back to bed. After 3 hours of working, feeding a baby and watching Con Air on TV...I am still not tired. What, the what?!

I am exhausted during the week from getting up early. I rarely get to sleep in on the weekends because the kids get up early. It would figure that this am Logan and Charlie are still sleeping and I am not. I can bet my paycheck that as soon as I get tired enough to pay back down that they will be wide awake and wanting to eat, play and be merry!


  1. oh that's the worst and when you think they're ready to nap and you lay down WIDE's like they know!! haha...hope you catch up on some sleep

  2. I hope you get some sleep soon. I had terrible insomnia about 2 years ago!

  3. I'm sorry you didn't get any sleep!! Every momma needs their sleep:-) thanks for entering my giveaway! I'm your newest follower! I have some more great giveaways for kids coming up so keep your eyes open!' have a great day!

  4. Oh my gosh I am so sorry! That is absolutely the worst! Something similar, but not quite so bad happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Of COURSE they sleep in when you can't sleep... how do they know??? :( I hope you get some sleep soon.

    Reading usually helps me.

    For Love of Cupcakes

  5. Welcome Jennifer! I will keep my eyes out for the give aways. I love reading your pregnancy updates!!

    Jamie, I caught up on sleep Sunday/Monday night. I did not even budge when hubs got up from work ;)

  6. Hi! I hope you get some decent sleep soon :)
    New follower, have a great weekend!!