Monday, November 14, 2011

From Internet to Real Life

I have been *meeting* so many wonderful ladies on twitter and by reading new blogs. We have gotten to know each other very well. Sharing stories. Getting advise. Virtually hugging when something is wrong. It has been Wonderful. I can say that I have found an awesome group of ladies! We all have little girls...which makes it that much more wonderful :)

It all started when I went to Steph's house to meet her and Amy. And of course...their daughters! We had a great lunch of chatting and watching the babies play. Or well, Logan and Lily play! The baby girls just ate their toys, heh. 

2 of our mommy blogger friends were unable to attend the meet and greet. So we decided to make it a monthly thing. Mommy/baby play dates. SCORE! 

Cari and Amy were able to come this time around and I invited (my) Stef. She is also a mommy blogger and an IRL friend of mine. We got to meet. Have a pot luck lunch. Watch Logan show off for all the girls. My house was full of was a nice change! The babies were playing with toys, drooling and giggling. We had a great time talking and sharing stories. We missed Steph who was unable to come this time around.

Our next get together is going to be a lunch, cookie exchange and a gift exchange between the kids. It is going to be adorable. I promise to take pics this time! I forgot my camera the first time. The second time I got all caught up in the conversations that I forgot to take any.

I am very luck to have found a group of girls that live around here. Hopefully more twitter/mommy bloggers can join in next year! There are many more lovely ladies that I cannot wait to meet. Which also makes me a little sad that some of you live so far away!


  1. How sweet! I wish I lived closer:) I know we would be great friends!

  2. I {heart} this post! I am so excited about this new network of friends, amazing what a little social media can do for friendships :) I have been meaning to post about our playdate, so you will see a similar post on my blog tomorrow. Thanks again for hosting!

  3. You know that I have been thinking about this all afternoon happy to have found you all. Truly. Just makes me happy and feel connected. I'm looking forward to meeting Stef, Amy and Cari in person!

    And I'm glad to call you my friend.


  4. I love this post too! :-) And our group. I'm not a "big group" person generally, and I'm not even all that much of a kid person!!! But it's been fun and I'm loving it. I think with two Amys, two Steph/fs, and two Lilys, and all these kids the same ages, it's just meant to be!

    I normally take pictures of EVERYTHING I do and everyone I know but usually not until I'm more comfortable with the group. We need to be documenting these babies as they grow together and form their own friendships. I'm sorry I didn't take any this month, my camera lives in the diaper bag, and I have my phone, but it was just that much fun! I sorta forgot. ;)

    Yay for friends & babies & lunches & cookies! xoxo

  5. Wow this sounds so cool! How did you all find that you lived in the same area? What a coincedence you all blog too.
    I hope you build loads of beautiful friendships :)

  6. Kerry-on twitter it all shows that we were in Pgh Pa. So we just went from there :) It is great to find friends with common interests when you would have not known them otherwise!

  7. I am so so glad I got to meet you girls too!!! Glad social media can turn into wonderful friendships!!!

  8. I'm so glad you invited me, Tracy. It was wonderful to meet everybody. Really looking forward to the next playdate!

  9. Aww that's so awesome! I wish I lived closer!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  10. Jamie, I wish you lived closer too!

  11. oh how fun! Meeting internet friends and having them become in-real-life friends is fantastic.