Monday, November 14, 2011

Black Friday

It is ALMOST that time a year again!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping on black Friday. I get some awesome deals. I get to spend time with friends and family. The hustle and bustle is fun. The people watching is not comparable to anything. Ever.

I am not one to go with these super long lists and "must" have items. I am a go with the flow type person. I would NEVER in a million years want a 99 dollar lap top. I have some toys that I would "like" to have for the kids. I am almost done shopping. After black Friday, I will be completely done.

I like that feeling of accomplishment. I am, on occasion, an over achiever. I am also, sometimes, competitive. Ahem, Gary will attest to that. I usually am right too! :P I even started wrapping gifts and putting them in brown boxes in the basement! I ordered most of our stuff online this year. It is easy to do. Free shipping. Gifts right to my door. YAY

I always go out with a plan. An action plan. Coordinate with friends and family on the plan. One person is the cart holder/line holder. Everyone else takes turns with it as well, while we get our items. That way we are in and out in a shorter amount of time. Friday shopping. It cannot get here soon enough :)


  1. I've been scarred by black friday! when I was 16 I worked at Target on black friday, and watching the flood of people rush in those doors is like nothing else you'll ever see in your life, ever. That being said, I can't wait until this year so I can go shopping! =)

  2. Woah you are super organized! I LOVE Black Friday too! We go to the mall and it is super crowded and we struggle to get through everyone to get our Christmas gifts. I don't like crowds but for some reason I still love this shopping day. I think my favorite part is definitely lunch. :o)

    So excited!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  3. Black Friday sounds like fun!! Although crowded as it may be, I love to people watch too so I can see how you adore it...You are super organised - good for you!! I love how Jamie wrote that her fave part is lunch ;)

  4. Brit- I never went shopping when it was like that because I was always scared too. But then one year I decided to go for it with my sister.