Friday, November 18, 2011

Saturday's Top Five Laughs


A week in our house is almost always like a day at the zoo! This week was no exception.

5. Logan likes to run around with a blanket hanging from behind him. He chants: “supah iwon mahn!” “whee….” For those non toddler talks, that says Super Iron Man. Because he totally thinks that Superman and Iron man should be combined.
4. Logan was in the entertainment center (the middle we do not have a shelf on because he uses it to climb up the dang thing) and he bumped his head. He always whines “I allyite” and today he run up to Charlie and said “Chahree kiss it.” *placing his head on her head*
3. Dominic has been kind of trying lately, to put it nicely. When he is not listening, Logan goes up to him and shakes his finger at him. “Bubba you yisten.” It is both funny and adorable.
2. Charlotte is army crawling like a champ. She starts off by flailing around and giggling. Then takes off after what she wants. If she does not get their fast enough for her liking, she starts whining and grunts in anger.
1. Logan and Charlie have been playing together a lot the last 2 weeks. Logan brings out his blocks and starts to build. Charlie will grab the blocks and chew on them. Logan laughs and says “eww yuck. Chahree pit on dem.” Then he will bring out the Little People Farm and give her an animal. Then he shakes his animal (whatever one he chooses) in front of her and makes the sound. She giggles in delight and continues to chew on her animal. Then when she is bored with her animal, she drops it and grabs for Logan’s. This is so cute and funny and I just cannot stand it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Superman and Ironman- smart guy! I think they are one in the same-just kidding. I love his "toddler" speech. I love the love when he was injured:) So, shaking the finger has started in your family. I am still waiting for that day. I love #1- I love the fact that they are so close. Such a cute family! Lucky mama. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Melissa, I adore his speech. I can understand most things...some I have yet to decode! lol
    But I am lucky. The babes love each other and that makes me melt into pools of goo :) Have a great weekend too and I hope work goes fast tomorrow. (and not too many screaming kids while you are checking their teeth!)

  3. I love your ability to type toddler speak! Logan sounds like a crack-up! Don't you love how close siblings are? I also melt when my kids play together. Such a wonderful feeling!! I want to bottle it up for when they're teenagers ;) My favorite is Logan having Charlotte kiss his owies, that's sweet and funny at the same time!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. I love seeing siblings playing together and showing love! You have cute kiddos :)
    If you want to be a part of a Blog Buddies post I'm doing, you can email me a little bio of you and your blog and a fave pic :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Super Man and Iron Man should TOTALLY be combined! Smart cookie. :o) Hilarious laughs this week!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  6. You're so good at Toddlerese! : ) Your kids sound like a lot of fun too.

    New follower from the Saturday's Top 5 Laughs Blog Hop,

  7. Logan is such a ham....I love how he says Charlie, sooo sweet!

  8. So cute! Love these! Yours are always some of my favorite saturday laughs. :-)


  9. I've given you a Liebster Award! : ) Check out my blog for details!