Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Christmas House 2011

 Snowmen are my favorite
 White lights are classic
 Our first Christmas in our new home ornament
 Handmade ornaments beat out bought ones any day
 And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

 Twinkle twinkle
 Tina the snowman is missing her hubby Tommy who is lost under the bathroom remodel stuff
 Handmade swag
 More snowmen 

What does your house look like during the holidays?


  1. I seriously love your decorations! You have everything covered! Beautiful!

  2. I love all the decor, the lit wreath above the fireplace is my fav!! I love snowmen too! I am jealous of your kid-made ornaments!

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  4. Aww beautiful tree and I love the snowmen! I totally agree about homemade ornaments!!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  5. LOVE the Christmas decorations!! I jut love this time of year:-) all of the lights and everything that goes into Christmas just makes me so happy! Have a good week girl!!

  6. Thank you girls!

    Amy - I made that wreath. We have one (the opposite colors) on the door :)

    This time if year is the best for decorating!

  7. Beautiful! I really love the white lights and the wreath, but somehow I just can not bring myself to give up the colored ones! I can't wait to get decorated and take pics. I'm so slooooow this year.

  8. Snowmen and white lights all the way at my house too!! Looks great, I love that you shared this, I may have to copy ;)

  9. Poor Tommy!! He misses Christmas?
    I love your oooh's and ahhhh's lol, your decorations are pretty, love your mantle!!