Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seven Months

Dear Charlie

You are now seven months old! (ok, well you were 7 months on Thanksgiving and Mommy is running a bit behind with all the holiday will understand when you have kids!)  It is really hard for me to believe that you are this old already. I feel like you were just born.

You continue to grow, learn, laugh, love and play. You are 18.11 pounds and 26.5 inches tall. You are wearing 12 months clothes and can never keep shoes on your feet. I bought a pair of robeez off Amazon yesterday and am hoping they work out. With the weather cold and snowy, you have to have something on those tootsies!

You began amy crawling. Man girl, you are fast! Daddy and Mommy are so proud of you!  You love to jump while holding onto us. You like to pull up to stand. You love to play with your brothers and you think they are the funniest guys ever. You smile so big when you see any of us! You call out for Dada Dada but only have said Mum twice while crying. (pssss You can say Mommy more please and thank you)

Your brothers are very helpful of you. Logan shoves your Binki in your mouth and grabs your blanket. Sometimes, he takes them both and uses them himself because he is a stinker! Dominic has changed your diaper and loves to hold you. You only want held when you are sleepy or upset. If not, then you are on the ground and moving along.  You only like to be in your exersaucer for a short period of time already. There is no containing you! You have a photo shoot Saturday, where you become a star. (you are already a star here!)

You are sleeping so-so....I would love for you to be better! You have had 2 ear infections this past month. so I forgive the no sleeping ;) You have both bottom teeth and are working on a bottom eye tooth!

You are so sweet, chubby, smiley, adorable and we love you to pieces!


  1. I love the pictures of her and the hair is too cute! I hope she feels better soon! Poor little girl, no fun to be sick. She is so lucky to have 2 big brothers to look out for her!

    V also rarely says dada ALL THE TIME...grr

    Let me know how the Robeez work out, we need to do something about this shoe situation, I cannot find any that work.

  2. "Dominic has changed your diaper" - oh I am showing that to my son! Haha Cute post. :) What a doll!