Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's an ear without an infection?

To be honest...I would not know that answer.

When Dominic was little, he was CONSTANTLY sick. Daycare = germ factory. He caught every single illness under the sun. The poor little guy had an ear infection every other week. 5 days after the antibiotic was done, he would get sick all over.
He had 4 sets of tubes and they always helped. He had his tonsils out and his adenoids twice. Because they grow back. I kid you not. Really, they grow back. Yuck! He did eventually outgrow the ear infections, but not until he was 6 years old! I thought, rather hoped, that it would stop after him. I was wrong. Unfortunately.

Along comes Logan. He did not have to go to daycare from day one. So he never had an ear infection. SCORE, I thought! Then he started daycare around 6 months old. And BAM...within 2 weeks he had his first one. Oh no, not again?! But sure enough, the poor kid would keep on getting them. He spiked really high fevers with is too (sometimes as high as 105 degrees!). Off to the ENT and a set of tubes later and an adenoid removal. No infections.

Then my little girl was born. I prayed that she would not follow in her big brothers foot steps. I took Charlotte in for her 6 month check up and discovered that she too had an ear infection. She had been a bit crabby but no fever and no playing with her ears. A month later, back for a recheck. She had a DOUBLE ear infection. Grrr. No fever, no playing but some crabbiness. But she has been getting her teeth both times so I took the crabtasticness as that. I was wrong. Parenting FAIL.

You would think that I could get used to the ear infections. Dr appointments. Crying. Medicine. Pain reliever. But I cannot. I feel horrible for my babies. All of them. And I sit here wondering at what point Charlotte will be in surgery for hers....

If you have healthy kids, you are lucky! How weird would it be if I built a bubble for Logan and Charlie and kept them in it? Dominic is fine now, rarely catches colds and never has ear no bubble needed.

So if you need me, I will be googling bubble making. I sign off as Bubble Mom instead of Over Mom!


  1. Let me know what you find...I'm a huge germ-a-phobe, I too would like a bubble for Bella (sounds like a lifetime move doesn't it)----next on lifetime Bubble for Bella...

  2. Oh hun, I hope they feel better!! I try to live in a bubble but it doesn't work! Come write a saturday laugh post. Might make you feel better!

  3. Sooo after your Tweet today, I think Dom DOES need a bubble, especially one made of bubble wrap or something more indestructible! I hope everyone is feeling better!