Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Come and Gone

2011 seemed to have gone by in a flash. It had it's high points and low points as all years do.

Full of doctor appointments for me. Snow, snow and more snow. Dominic turned 9 years old and Logan 15 months. Logan had a huge burst in vocabulary.

We had an entire family get together for Valentine's day dinner. The Steelers went to the super bowl. I broke my toe and started my third trimester.

My stomach doubled in size and my belly button popped. Dominic had a growth spurt. Ultrasound showed the Charlie had flipped and no c-section needed to be scheduled! First anniversary of my Dad's passing.

My sweet baby girl was born on Easter Sunday. We may have missed Easter with my family BUT it was totally worth it. Logan turned 18 months old.

Charlie turned 1 month old. She gave her first smiles. Logan began to hit the terrible twos with fits, tantrums and anger. I had my first mother's day with 3 kids! We had a Moms dinner here for our families.
We went to the Zoo with my family. Gary had his first father's day with 3 kids and we celebrated with a Dad's dinner and trip to the Lego convention. Dominic had his last day of 3rd grade. We threw a surprise shower for our friends Stef and Grant. It was a really hot June so we also spent a lot of time at the pool! We got our first family pictures taken and they turned out great! I went back to work after 8 wonderful weeks with my kids. The babies started daycare and I started my first week of 4 ten hour days.

We celebrate each year at my Moms for a family picnic! Charlie turned 3 months old, had her first bites of cereal and sat in her exersaucer. Gary and I had a date night at a CD release party in the VIP section!
Lots of illness in the house this month and Gary started a new job. We had another baby shower for my best friend Trish.

Gary turned 30! We started our bathroom remodel. Got new windows for the house. Charlie turned 4 months old. Went to the petting zoo. Enjoyed the last month of the summer before Dominic started 4th grade. Charlie turned 4 months old!

Logan gave up his beloved binki! Charlie turned 5 months old.  We went to the Aviary and a surprise graduation party. Charlie started eating fruits and veggies.

Logan turned 2 years old. We had 2 birthday parties for Logan. I turned 33 years old. We had a birthday dinner with my family. Charlie turned 6 months. (WHAT?!) We had a great Halloween. We went to Hallowboo. Dominic fractured his elbow between Logan's 2 birthday parties. Full of fullness this month was.

We had a lovely family Thanksgiving. I enjoyed my black Friday shopping with friends and family. Trisha came into town for a visit and I got to meet her sweet little baby boy Bradley. I had a minivacation while she was here from work :) Charlie turned 7 months old.

We had/went to multiple Christmas parties with friends. Had tons of gift exchanges. Went to see Santa. Charlie turned 8 months old. Fun filled month of awesomeness. We rang in the New Year here with some friends. We like it quiet and comfy!

Out with 2011 and in with 2012...I hope this next year brings even more joy than this past year :)


  1. What a great year! It was lovely meeting you in it as well! Here's to many more playdates!

  2. This is one of the greatest posts. I got goosebumps reading it and seeing the pictures! You got some beautiful children- I always say that, but it is so true! I hope 2012 brings you all joy and love!

  3. What a great post! Love this recap!

    I'm happy 2011 brought me new friends and babies in my life! :)


  4. Melissa, you are too sweet! Thank you :)

    Amy and Steph...I am so glad that the computer world has given me real life friends and awesome play dates for my kids!

  5. I love your year of pictures! 2011 was the year of baby GIRLS, love it!

  6. Great year in review post! I can't believe how quickly Charlie grew!!!