Sunday, January 29, 2012

Double Digits


You are 10 years old. TEN YEARS OLD! How on earth is that even possible? Weren't you just born?

This year you had 2 parties (as you do every year). One with family, one with friends as always. Then we had a family movie night and you picked going to Ichiban for your birthday dinner. Ichiban was not open when we went so we decided on Saga instead. You LOVED it! The chef was throwing broccoli into our mouths, squirting saki in Dad's mouth and let you use the peeing boy to put out a fire!

You are 4foot 10 inches tall. You weight 77 pounds. Tall and skinny. You are letting your hair grow out and the eyes you have will melt girls hearts someday. You will not wear anything but jeans! (wind pants and sweats are a thing of the past) You are handsome.

Smarter than is good for you. Possibly never thinking that you are ever wrong is not the way to be....but you will learn that with time my son. You get straight A's but still tend to be chatty in school. You are very good at drawing and love to ride bikes. (someday you can get a dirt bike but with you breaking your elbow in the fall, now is just not the time) This is your last year in the little kid schools. Next year you are off to the Centennial School. GAH

You love love love video games. You spent all of your Toys R Us gift cards on them. You play your 3DS and DSI XL all the time. It is really about the only time you are quiet ;)

You are so so sweet when you want to be. The Mommy love is pretty much behind you but I do get an occasional hug and kiss. Family movie nights are about the best thing for our crazy family of five. You like sitting on the living room floor with big pillows, eating popcorn and candy, watching anything with all of us.

I know before long, you will be driving. And then graduating. And then going to college. And then getting married and having your own kids. Someone should probably start holding my hand now because this Mama is not ready for all of that. Keep on being a kid. A small kid. One that does not have a teenage attitude and talk back. You know, like you were when you were 2.

We love you so so much. You are growing into a pretty cool young man.


  1. I love all the pictures!! Looks like a fabulous birthday for a very handsome man!!

  2. Happy 10th Birthday Dom!! Looks like he had a great time at the party!

  3. I love the cupcakes!! So adorable! Happy 10th birthday DOM!