Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living Room Redo

I had been tweeting about wanting new living room furniture for Christmas. Much to my surprise, Gary was all for it! So we asked my Mom just for money for Christmas and other family members always give it. So we did some research and picked an awesome chocolate leather set!

After picking the furniture, we decided that new rugs were in order and a table. We choose those and decided on a complete color scheme for the room. Chocolate, Burgundy and Teal with splashes of green, yellow and cream.

We were so excited to go shopping for all of the room accessories. We went to several stores and were pretty bummed on the first go around because we found zero items. The following weekend, we went out again and found so much wonderful stuff! We got most of our items from TJ Maxx, Tuesday Mornings, JcPenneys, Kohls and Home Goods.

I made an O for our last name to go on our picture wall. (I will also be making some new wreaths for the front door) We had a blanket that coordinated with our new scheme and kept that as well.

We got rid of our side tables, coffee table and sofa table last year when Logan started walking. Slate tiles that come out plus metal sharp corner is not kid friendly! Currently, we decided to keep the furniture at a minimum with Charlie soon to be walking. Instead, we use their new table and chairs as a coffee table. Kid friendly describes our living room. There are toys...um...everywhere. But I would not change that at all!

This is what our living room looked like when we took a tour of the house

This is what it looked like when we had our old furniture when we moved in

This is what it currently looks like

Now we are not completely finished. Our curtains were not the right size. (um measure first, order second...ahem) We are also sanding and re-staining the floor. And removing the tile that is under the fire place. After all that, we are going to paint the fire place cream and remove the gold metal crap. Then I can say we are done. But since that will take F-O-R-E-V-E-R, I decided to post what we have now!


  1. Love the redo and the awesome picture wall! We lack wall space in our house, hoping the next home will have some so I can frame the 345,432+ pictures we currently have. I also love the warm colors and I could spend HOURS in that chair!!!

  2. Great job! So glad you found a bunch of cute stuff. I love the pillow on the chair and the pattern on the rug. Looks like a cozy place for a family :) Thanks for sharing your finds!

  3. I love it! That teal really pops. I got a similar collection of picture frames for Christmas that I wanted and will be moving pictures around soon! I love room re-dos!!

  4. Love the redo! Looks awesome!! I love the color!

  5. It looks so good! I love the colour scheme! We re-did our living room (paint and furniture) in 2008, before the kids, and I'm so glad because now we're too broke to buy new furniture. We still need to change the gold crap on the fireplace too. I hate it, but loove the fireplace (especially when it's -40 like the past 2 days). Enjoy it!!