Saturday, January 14, 2012

8 months of Awesome

Sweet Charlie

You are 8 months old already. But in all reality, you are 8.5months old since I am pretty far behind on this blog letter. Oops, you will understand once you have 3 kids and work.

You are so mobile. It is fun to watch you crawl, climb over things, pull up and scream when you get frustrated. The drama that is you has no words. I thought your brothers were dramatic but you take the cake for sure!

You are mostly eating table food. You will eat baby food some too, but not until after you have shoveled food into your trap with your hands. You cannot get enough.

You have been struggling with ear infections since you turned 6 months old. We just found out that it is time to see the ENT and get you tubes. You will be the youngest in the family to get them. You are following in big brothers foot steps.

You love love love sparkles and shine. My patent leather black shoes are your favorite thing to look at. And eat, but we do not let you. We are mean like that!  Accessories are a plenty in this house ;)

You have been playing and keeping up with Logan very well. You crawl after him, stand up beside him, play toys with him and clap/sing/dance all the live long day.

You are very interested in watching music videos on my lap top. You dance in place. Squeal in delight.

We love you more and more each day. You love to be held and cuddled. We do not mind at all (unless we are trying to cook, clean or go potty)!

I continue to be thankful to be your Mommy.  Logan loves you so much, he crashed your photo shoot ;)


  1. Love all of the smiles and the hair...oh my!! Charlie is already into accessories and has some good taste too, oh the joy that is having a girl, I cannot get enough!

  2. She is one of the cutest girls! She is always so fashionable too! Isn't it the best age!

  3. Charlie is just as cute as she can be!

  4. Hahaha and she looks real impressed about him crashing the photo shoot!
    She is adorable, and growing up :)

  5. i love that logan crashed te photo shoot!! :-) such sweeties they are!!!

  6. So nice to have a cuddly girl! I love those bottom teeth showing in the first picture :)