Friday, February 24, 2012

10 Months and Counting

Dear sweet sweet Charlie

You are 10 months old. I, I, I... I cannot believe it. WOW! We have been watching you grow, learn and explore so much lately. You are the greatest little girl. Sweet, sassy, adorable, smart, dramatic.

You are starting to stand on your own. You get a scared face when you realize what you are doing but you are getting brave! You can now drink out of a sippy cup. YAY, Mama thought you would have a bottle forever. You can ride on your princess car by rocking back and forth. It moves forward and backward and you are so delighted with yourself when it moves. Cruising along all the furniture is always happening. You are more and more like a toddler and less and less like a baby. *sob*

You love to play with baby dolls still. You play blocks and trains with Logan every single day. (seriously the two of you playing together makes my heart melt) You play with your tea set and just started playing with your stroller. Little people are a big hit in your small world. The zoo we have has seen much love from you and your brother. 

You are in 12 month and 18 month clothing. You still fit in 6-12 month skirts and dresses but not pants. Your shoe size is a 3.5 which means you have some tiny little feet my dear. We love your hair. It is getting lighter and is often referred to as the whale spout!

You love to dance and bounce around to music. You stand and do the jig when your favorite songs come on. (Party like a rock star by the Fresh Beats and Party Rock by LMFAO) It is beyond adorable. I cannot get enough of it. You can now waive hi and bye and blow kisses.

You say the following words:
Mama (Me of course!)
Dada (Daddy)
Buba (bottle and both of your brothers)
Nana (My Mom)
Gaga (Gary's Mom)
Uh oh
Quack (Yes you do say quack for your yellow duck)

I love love love you soooooo much! More and more each day I thank God that I am your Mommy. You are sweet as pie little princess :)


  1. Happy 10 Months sweet girl!! I love how you called her sassy - welcome to the world of girls friend!

  2. She's precious! What a handsome crew adorning your blog header! ;-)

  3. I absolutely love this post! She is just too cute. I also have to say, you have one advanced girl. Zane is almost 11 months and hardly does any of this,lol. I love her music choice selection!

  4. Happy 10 months, cutie pie! Slow down just a bit, baby girl!
    I love how she ripped off her sticker!

  5. Happy 10 months Charlie! You are such a big girl already!

  6. Aw,time is flying, huh?! Happy 10 months Charlie!

  7. She's beautiful!! Happy 10 months to Charlie :)