Tuesday, February 28, 2012

6 Decades

Happy Birthday to my Dad. Today you would have been the BIG 6-0! I miss you so very much. Really more than words can say. With tears in my eyes, I remember all that you were. The good times. The bad times. The loud times. The sentimental times. Everything. I love you!

To celebrate my Dad, I am going to share some of my favorite stories and moments of our life.

*When I was about 3 years old. I told everyone that I saw that "This is my Mom. This is my black Dad. My Mom is pregnant and we are all getting married." First of all, my Dad is Italian not African American. Second, my Mom was not pregnant. Third, they were not even engaged yet. So there is that. (My biological Dad died when I was young, my Dad adopted me after they did get married and has raised me since I was a toddler)

*I remember my Dad holding me so that we could dance at my Mom and Dads wedding. The smile on my Dads face. The smile and rosy red cheeks on mine. 

*We were driving home after my Dad made the adoption finalized at the courthouse. I was sitting in the back seat looking at my arm. My Mom asked what I was doing. "Waiting to get dark like my Dad!"

*My Dad took me to get my ears pierced without my Mom knowing. Then they got super infected and had to be removed. I now have a slit in my ear!

*My Dads face seeing me dressed up for dances. Seeing me graduate. Smiles, smiles and more smiles.

*When I was pregnant with Dominic. My Dad went to build a bear. He made a bear for me and Dominic. He did all the stations. If you know my Dad then you understand how awesome this is. He is totally not the type of person to spin around holding a small heart in the middle of a store.

*Seeing my Dad hold his first grandson in the hospital.  Warms my heart.

*My Dad bought Dominic his first ride on toy. A John Deer tractor. He even dug out a course for Dom to ride on since he gave it to him for Christmas.

*Dancing with my Dad at my wedding.  Makes me so teary eyed.

*Watching my Dad oooh and ahhh at his second grandson. Tickling his toes and belly.  He was too sick to come to the hospital and did not get to see Logan until he was a couple weeks old. That made my heart hurt but I was comforted when he got to "play" with him.

*My Dad's last birthday before he passed. I went to the baker to get his cake. I had to hand make the apple from his IMAC onto it because the bakery would not do it. His smile when he saw the cake.

These memories I will cherish for all my life. There are so many more but these are the ones I choose to share. Happy Birthday to a great man.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad! He sounds like an amazing man, it is so great to see that you continue to keep his memory alive. Hugs today.

  2. Happy birthday to your dad. He sounds like an amazing guy!

  3. What a beautiful tribute post for your dear dad. You have so many wonderful memories of him, he sounds like he was a great father, you are very lucky xo

  4. He sounds amazing!! Make sure those memories are written down in other places like your journal too for your children to read and their children etc! Things like this are so amazing to have to remember those whom we loved and our family we never got to know!