Friday, March 2, 2012

Satruday's Top Five Laughs


So glad to be done with the work week! We have a birthday party this weekend to go to and the toy show. Also shopping for a new SUV....maybe.

5. Logan was telling me about what he did at school. Logan: "I pway ball. I jump. I poop." Me: "Good to know buddy!"

4. "Hey bubba, I say Justin Beiber!" *background story: Dominic has long hair and so we call him Beiber all the time. It makes him snort laugh. Now Logan is getting in on the action.

3. When Gary or I run the vaccuum, both Libby and Charlie freak out! Libby runs around like a nut bag and barks up a storm. Charlie crawls around screaming and crying. They both go from one side of the room to the next (furthest away from it). I cannot help but crack up just a bit!

2. Gary asked Logan if he wanted to take a bath. Of course he did! In the time it took Gary to get his towel and come back out, Logan was completely naked. Clothes thrown about and diaper in hand waiting to be thrown in the garbage.

1. Logans new thing is to tell us "I need sleep." And it is only when he climbs up on the entertainment stand and lays in front of the TV. When we tell him that if he needs sleep then its time to go to bed, he responds "You shush. I no go to my cwib. I no tired."


  1. LOL Logan is so funny!!!

    FYI my border collie freaks and barks and runs around like a nut when I run the vacuum too

  2. Haha, too cute! Cracks me up that they are afraid of the vacuum.. my soon (who is two) told santa he wanted a blue vacuum for Christmas, lol. I am sure he thought I was crazy, but the kid loves anything with a motor. :)

  3. What an awesome weekend! I love how Logan talks. He cracks me up. I wish we lived closer so he can put a smile on my face everyday as I am sure he does to you. You shush I no go to bed. Too cute! #3 cracks me up. Love your laughs! Report back and let us know how the SUV hunting went:)