Friday, March 23, 2012

Satruday's Top Five Laughs

Another week has come and gone. I really cannot believe how fast the days go by!

5. *Logan pulling Charlie's high chair closer to his* "I gonna has sum of you hot dogs, kay?"

4. Charlie took a step here and there this week. Once she realizes what she is doing, her eyes glaze over and she squeals. Drama Queen !

3. Dominic has had a sassy mouth just about every single morning. Then when he comes home from school he says he is sorry, he was just in a bad mood because he did not sleep enough. Today I laughed at him and advised him how he was asleep before 9 last night! Kids man....

2. Logan climbed onto the Baby Einstein jumperoo and fell backwards. His bum landed in the middle with his feet straight up in the air. He continued to play with his legos as if he meant to do it. Then asked for "Halp! I cant get out!" when he wanted up.

1. *Logan has my purse on his arm, a home made lego gun in the other hand and is pretending to open the front door* "Bye Mama. Have a good day. Miss me." "Logan, where are you going? I hope you have a good day too buddy." "I goin out." *Giggles then runs over to me* "Mama, I NEED a talk a you." "What do you need to talk to me about?" "My bweakfast. Libby eat it all gone."   This kid, he kills me with his imagination and his conversations!

We are off to the History Museum tomorrow since it is going to be cooler and rainy. Then we have lot more spring cleaning to do. Cleaning up and getting rid of stuff that we may still have packed from moving 2 years ago, heh.


  1. I adore that boy! (Well, I adore all of them, but Logan cracks me up!)

  2. So cute! Great imagination!

    New follower from Sat. top 5

  3. So funny! I too am a new follower from Top 5 laughs. Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

  4. Logan cracks me up! I love how he warns Charlie he's going to have some of her hot dog!

  5. Lol, your kids are too cute! Hope you have fun at the museum tomorrow!

  6. Your kids are so cute. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Oh wow I think this post is absolutely adorable!! How cute are your kiddo's and the things Logan comes out with hahaha cute!!
    Your eldest is at 'that' stage obviously, been there, still am lol
    And my Liam realises what he's doing just like Charlie when he's walking, he doesn't scream but he plonks himself back down again!!

  8. They are so cute! i just love how you make these posts with their "language". I LOVE how they speak! Logan with I going out.. So stinkin cute! I hope you had an awesome day today!