Thursday, March 22, 2012

To The Finish Line

Gary and I have decided to take up running. We are starting a couch to 5k next week. I am excited and completely nervous! I have never in my life been a runner. I played softball and tennis. Mother nature decided that I should have big boobs be well endowed and that has kept me from even trying it. That was until a few friends of mine started it and did not get black eyes, heh.

We bought 2 jogging strollers off of Craigslist. I downloaded the app to my phone. I bought a good sports bra. We have running clothes and shoes. Now all we need to do is GO FOR IT!

I plan to start either on Sunday or Monday. We both can push a stroller and Dominic can run beside us with the dog. It will be a family event. The family who runs together, stays together. Or something like that!

I hope to loose pounds, get in shape and actually help my back in the process. The better the shape I am in, the less likely it will be that I will need to have surgery again soon. I am hoping we get the handle on it quickly and that it does not KILL us me in the process.

Wish us luck! We need all the cheerleaders we can get.


  1. Good luck to you! I have been hearing a lot about the couch to 5 k. Maybe I should look more into it!

  2. I will be cheering you on the entire way! This is exactly what I did to get back into shape after having Leila.

  3. You are brave! You can do it! Eyes on the goal! So cool that you're all doing it together - that ensures a greater success rate!

  4. Go Momma Go! I still have not figured out how to run smoothly with the jogging stroller...

  5. Good luck!!! I wish Ryan ran with me. I guess I can keep dreaming. Ha!

  6. Ok so I am one of those people 60 lbs ago it was worth the hard work and I never felt like I would lessen my endowment :) but it never did until the last 10 lbs so last year I actually ran my first 2 5ks and I think that it really helped lose that extra weight as well as loved how I felt still hate running but I was just thinking I needed to start up again. Good luck I understand how you feel though. 2 Sports Bras one with underwire works really great :)