Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kid Room Redo

We decided it was time for Logan go move out the nursery and into his brothers room. We took down his crib *sob* and bought the boys bunk beds.

It was not a hard decision. Logan would wake up Charlie and she would wake him up. They needed to be separate.

I still need to finish painting the wood letters for Dom and Logan and hang them. Other than that, it is all pretty much done! I cheated and bought Charlotte stickers for her name but they are adorable!


  1. I just finished looking at these on facebook. :)

    Looks great!!

  2. Everything looks great! Love the bunk beds y'all got!

  3. Thank you all! Hubs wanted to paint Charlie's room pink but I decided against it since her bedding already matched.

  4. I looked at the pics on facebook too and I absolutely love the colored shadow boxes! Everything looks great!

  5. It looks great! The shelves on her wall look even better in person!