Friday, April 13, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

Here again is the weekend! I am way too excited to not have a SINGLE thing planned. We are getting ready for the local Mothers of Multiple sale next weekend and getting the rest of our Spring Cleaning done. Oh and getting ready for Charlie's party. And grocery shopping. So, not really sitting at home relaxing but not having 10.2 billion places to go :)  I am linking up with Melissa again for the best reads of the week!

5. I know everyone has to change their panty liner in front of their toddler at least once.  Well, that happened to me this week and of course Logan noticed. And this is our converation: "Ewww, Muma whats dat?" "A girl bandaid." "YUCK! You have a boo boo on you bum? Thats gross."

4. Charlie is starting to get mad when her brothers do not include her in things. If Dominic takes Logan outside to play, she stands at the glass door and yells. Cries. Bangs. Whines. "Hey!" "WAHHHHHH!" "HEY" "Oooooo"

3. Dominic is a great student. He always has been. Well his words were pretty tough this week in spelling. I asked him if he needed one more night of studying with me. "Mom, I got this! Stop worrying." (Well then, apparently I am not allowed to be the motherly figure anymore. Noted!)

2. Charlotte had her first year portrait session last weekend. Girlfriend was serious while eating her cake. No smiles. Just putting her pointer finger in the icing and licking it off. For what seemed like forever. I had to seriously tickle her to get a smile. She also screamed bloody murder when I put her in the grass for her mirror pictures. The photographer got one great pic of her with her head leaning on her folded arms, up against the mirror, and I said it looked like her at 16 telling me her life was ruined!

1.  My Mom does not really give candy for Easter. She gives them gifts instead since they get about 20 bajillion baskets with chocolate. This year the lil ones got ATVs.  Logan decided to ride his and push his sister on hers backwards. They were giggling so much. It was the best!!


  1. OMG, number one is hilarious!! Poor Charlie, she doesn't want to be left out or in!! Can't wait to see her 12 month pics, they sound too cute! Have a great weekend!

  2. #5 is too funny!! Kids!! I love his theory :)

  3. I love grandma's gift. I would have loved to have seen them giggling away while playing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OMG, OMG- #5 is the best laugh.I would have dyed laughing. Seriously- that is hysterical! I love that he said Mom, I got this! Haha with the portraits- this will be great to show her this laugh in 16 years! She will laugh:) THanks for making me smile every week. I so enjoy reading these posts!

  5. Weekends at home are the best, sounds like a productive one. Your kids are soo cute!