Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday Craziness

Over the weekend, we ended up in the local ER with Logan. It was anxiety inducing. It caused many new gray hairs. However, he is FINE. We lucked out. Obviously God was watching over him. And my Dad had a hand in it too, I am sure of that.

It started as a typical Saturday with chores, play time and naps. Then we went to pick up one of Dominic's friends who was spending the night. Gary was gone for the day with is friends. We were invited to have pizza and a water balloon battle at our friends house. Awesome, that was where Gary was anyway. We would just meet him there and have a relaxing evening.

Dinner was done. The kids played with water balloons. The guys built a fire. I was inside with Logan and Charlie. He was standing at the door watching the kids throw those noise makers at the ground. It was a great summer evening. I sat back down on the couch, grabbed something for Charlie. Was looking up the name of the hotel for when we go to DC in a couple weeks. Logan came over to me holding a medication box (the Monday threw Friday kind that was not child proof) and he had something white in his mouth.

"Logan what are you eating. OMG. Spit it out. *reaching in and doing the swoop to remove all items in his mouth. running to the sink to rinse his mouth out* What was in the box?" Turns out it was an SSRI medication. Our friend's husband called poison control. Because we were not sure if he ate 1 or 2 of the pills and he is so tiny weight wise, they told us to take him to the ER.

We packed him and Charlotte up. Our friend stayed with the older kids while our other friend came with us. I called my Mom and dropped Charlie off to her at 9:00 pm. We headed to the closest ER and poison control had called them and advised them of us coming.

Logan was acting completely normal. No dilation of his pupils.  No weird movements of his muscles. No drunk type appearance like I assumed he would get. All his vitals were normal. We sat in the room waiting for the Dr...for well over an hour and half. I knew in my gut that he was fine. They would not leave a 2 year old who could have been poisoned in a room for that long without being addressed. 

The Dr came in. He was laughing with us. Telling us how this would never have happened with the first kid because you are on them like white on rice. He joked how their 2 year old is watched by their 4 year old and the 7 year old does her own thing. LOL Really the truth is, you just do not think about this kind of stuff when you are at someone else's house! It is all put away at our house and if you do not have small children then you just do not think about leaving on the table/counter. The Dr even told us that when poison control called, he thought they meant that he had swallowed birth control pills and not an SSRI. The medications are very similar in name and he thought to himself, "Aw he is fine. Birth control will not harm anyone!" 

So after 2 long hours in the ER, we were sent home. Turns out that Logan had really only gotten about a half of one pill since I scooped out what was in his mouth!

I have guilt about not keeping my eyes on him every single second. My dear friend is beating herself up over the situation. I am sure my husband feels guilty for leaving me with both little ones while he played with fire. But the truth of the matter is that kids are kids. Accidents happen. We cannot watch them like hawks 24/7. 

I have said it since Logan was small. He is the one that gives me gray hair. He is the one that induces so much anxiety with all of his shenanigans. He will be the one that gives me the most run for my money.


  1. I'm so glad he's okay. Sounds like we missed all the excitement!
    You're right though...accidents happen...all the time, unfortunately. He is going to give you more gray hairs than the other two combined, LOL!

  2. So glad he was ok! It can be so nerve wracking to be at someones un-baby proofed house. But I love the ER dr's attitude about the whole thing...I also was so much more "paranoid" about things with my first than I am with my second!

  3. Oh my goodness- how scary!! I am glad he is okay! Please don't feel guilty at all- You are a mom and can't watch every move every time. You did the right thing by bringing him to the ER. I am so glad he is okay!

  4. So very glad he's ok and that you were able to laugh about it afterwards! What a relief!!