Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Top Five Laughs

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5. Gary farted and Charlie said “ewww” plain as day!
4. Logan saw Iron Man shoes in the new Parents magazine. As soon as I got home, “Mama I want Iron Man shoe. We go buy em?”
3. Logan came running out of my room screaming “I cared. I cared. Dah chickmonk gonna get me. It in Daddy wroom. Get it!”  
2. Charlie was eating yogurt. It was all down her bib. She proceeded to lick it off the bib, her hand and her plate.
1. Gary and Logan were giving each other high fives. Then Logan hit Gary in the face and said “cheek five!”

**An extra cute tidbit Logan “Charlie, you be a nice ew me? We cwallar agether? A be nice!” This kid, I love him to pieces!!!**


  1. I love that he said ewww. Too funny! CHeek five- hysterical! I love them!

  2. Cute little family and blog :) Stopping by from weekend hop! Follow back when you can!

  3. Was there really a chipmunk in your room!?

    1. No :) He just thought there was for some unknown reason. lol