Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrate America

We originally had zero plans for the 4th. Our family picnic is this coming Sunday, so we were just going to hang out at home. Then we were invited to 2 friends houses for a full day of fun.

First up was swimming at our friend Amber's. We had a hotdog lunch and swam in her moms pool. It was so much fun! The kids like to take cups of cold water and dump them on the adults as they swim in the pool. Gary and Rex had a genius idea for how to get them back. Have them all sit on the side of the pool for a picture and the guys would dump the rest of the cold water jug right on them!
The line up

The before

During, check out their faces! PRICELESS

I am pretty sure the kids are done with their cold water battles for awhile. ;) We always have fun with our friends, the kids play so nice and we get to chat. All of the kids are little fishes and enjoy the pool so much. Even the littlest princess' enjoy the water, maybe not as much as the food though!

The big kids play in the pool until we make them get out and eat. They are fish!

My baby girl just could not stay awake and enjoy the pool any longer. She took an hour nap in her stroller in the shade. This girl has the life!

Pretty soon it was time to say our goodbye's (until we all met back up at Stef's inlaws for the next picnic) but getting the kids to want to leave was hard. Even out of the water, they find ways to keep busy to avoid the dreaded "time to leave!"

Next up in our day of celebrating America's birthday was a picnic dinner and parade. You guys, it was a bajillion degrees and I am pretty sure that I melted a bit.  The kids had a blast, though. So it was worth staying outside for 9 hours. (although if you asked me that at 10pm when I was so sick from being over heated for so long, I would say it was not worth it)

We ended our night around 8 and came home for baths and showers (third round of them)! We had no local fireworks to go see but that was okay by us. I felt like crap from being in the sun, husband did too! So we watched them on the TV in our air conditioned house. We had a great day with friends! Happy Birthday Amercia!!


  1. I love the pic of Char waving to the parade! So much fun! And this heat - ugh!! Thank goodness for water and a/c!

  2. I love all the pictures. SO FUN!!!!

  3. Such cute pictures! It was a fun-insanely hot-day with you guys!

  4. Hee hee I love the watermelon picture and the sleeping-with-blanket-in-buggy picture :)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  5. Such fun pictures! Looks like all the kids had a blast!

    -As Told By Mommy