Monday, July 9, 2012

D is for weed?

Dominic is growing like a weed. It became obvious to us on Sunday that next year he could be taller than some of MY Aunts before he hits 12! The kid is long. And lean. And will be a heart breaking machine. (okay, he won't be because he was taught to be sweet)

Dominic was never really a small kid. He was always amongst the taller kids in class. But I was hit the "OMG my kid is so BIG" this weekend. He starts in the Centennial School in 7 short weeks. During this past year, he has become so much more...well, everything! Makes me sappy. Makes me smile. Makes me look at pictures of him when he was Logan and Charlie's age. Make me wonder if he will tower over me before he starts middle school. (How do you tell a kid that is bigger than you, no? Heh)

These years are flying by. I wish I could hold back time just for a bit. If I don't, he will be graduating high school next week, right?!


  1. He is a good kid and great with the Littles, good work momma!

  2. Blarg. Yes! Don't blink! A has always been the shortest. Lol