Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Day at the Farm

I have mentioned a few times that I met a great group of Mommys and baby girls from twitter and blogging. We met up last fall and have been keeping up with play dates and outings. This summer we had almost weekly outings. It has been a blast. The summer flew by.  Our last horrah was at Soergels Farm.

We all arrived after lunch for the kids to play in the playhouses, pet the animals at the petting zoo and run around to release bottled up energy.

The kids had a blast. To tell you the truth, I do not even know how many kids we had there! We have children ranging in age from 1 year to 13 years old. A great group of kids. They mostly get along well but as we know, kids will be kids!

The Moms enjoyed conversations as we watched all the littles and bigs have fun. The kids even got a train cookie after playing!

It was a great day and sad that Amy has to return to teaching. She will no longer be able to join us weekly. Which also means, we need to schedule some weekend stuff!

Thank you all ladies for a wonderful fun filled summer. It truly has been one of the best summers yet!!


  1. Totally agree - it has been a blast!! I love your pics in the window frame - I missed that gem somehow. What a great day!!

  2. YES! It was a fun summer for sure! I hope to do some GNOs or craft nights with your girls soon!!

  3. such a wonderful day! I agree w. Amy- gno & craft night! :-)

  4. Sounds and looks like so much fun!! I need to meet up with some bloggers in my area :)

    1. Are you on twitter? That is how we all started chatting and then met up from there. :)